SDSC meeting Mar. 18, 2015

This was the first SDSC meeting of the year over at the Green Acre Eatery on the Eli Lilly campus. Carina Torres started off the meeting by talking about the upcoming SoCal flow cytometry meeting in Irvine Apr. 22-24. It will be a good chance to hear the latest research in flow cytometry as well as an opportunity to take some classes in flow cytometry being offered by FloCyte and ExCyte. The FloCyte class will be on Compensation and Multiparameter Strategies and the ExCyte class will be on Advanced Data Analysis. Instead of introducing new members to the group, Carina introduced Cheryl’s new baby who is just over a month old.

Mike Stadnisky from FloJo gave a talk on data analysis, integrating high content data into FloJo. He showed some comparison data of automated analysis versus manual gating. Using machine learning, they are taking the subjective gating out of analysis using an automated algorithm with snap gating. They have now added a program called 4th wall which organizes the data with the reports making the workflow much smoother.

Gerhard Wingender from LJI gave a talk on setting up a 17 color T cell panel. His project is looking at invariant natural killer cells from frozen patient PBMCs. In deciding on his panels, he needed to make up a wish list of antigens and decide on which ones would work on frozen PBMCs, as well as color selection based on spectral overlap. Websites such as BD’s panel designer and Biolegend’s panel selector help to select appropriate dyes. Using all of these tools and considerations, each antibody is individually titrated before adding into the full panel.

The next SDSC meeting will be held in May. The date will be announced as it gets closer. We look forward to seeing you there.