Our work with Dana and her team aimed to: 1.) Demonstrate the immune stimulatory properties of our HDAC inhibitor, mocetinostat 2.) Define a mechanism/type of immune cell modulation in our mouse efficacy models. The in vitro data was great and we reproducibly demonstrated similar findings across multiple cell lines. We then asked Dana to analyze via FACS tumors and spleens from mice treated with mocetinostat alone and in combination with a PD-L1 inhibitor. We designed 3 panels (each comprised of at least 7 antibodies) for our immune cell profiling. As a testament to the quality of the data, it was presented in a poster at AACR this year (Abstract 4021, 2016 AACR).
Dana was patient and informative as we designed the key experiments/antibodies and continued to add antibodies to our in vitro and in vivo FACS approach. We have 4 more models to interrogate and I have already confirmed Dana will analyze these samples.